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We provide the southeast's most sought after end to end solution for the food beverage industry. From bench marking new technologies, internal controls, and employment recruitment to onboarding and retention management, we make it simple and we integrate it all.



Management Recruiting

We are your strategic human resource partners to the food beverage industry. We locate talent for leadership positions at well known brands, from single location management to Chief Executive Officers. Our team of experts find the best candidates quickly because we understand the benefit of timely onboarding new talent. We have an extensive network and leave no stone unturned to fill your open positions with the right fit.

Brand Development

With so many different restaurants from small mom-and-pops to large multi-national franchises, the competition in this industry demands innovation and creativity. We approach restaurant branding with a strategy based on facts, knowledge, and expertise. Whether it's creating successful action plans or marketing campaigns that grow a brand exponentially, our team knows how to create and maintain brand equity while serving your long-term business goals.

Operational Analysis

We can help any restaurant succeed. An operational analysis can give you a good overview of the current status of your restaurant and how it compares to similar restaurants in the area. You can then see what areas you need to tweak to run more efficiently. Once you have this information you can craft a strategy that pairs your strengths with your opportunities and shields your weakness from things that threaten the sustainability of your restaurant.
One of the Most Sought After General Manager Training Programs

With proven tactics to beat the competition.

Designed by experts with a combined 80 years of experience, Cornbread Consulting focuses on addressing common deficiencies of General Managers. Our programs are validated by extensive market research across a variety of establishments within the food beverage industy and cover these critical competencies;

Better Manage the General Ledger with Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets


Applying EEO: Fair Hiring Practices


Improving Performance Through Progressive Discipline


Drive Sales Through Better Scheduling


Operating Within Your Budget


Prepare GM's for your company's growth

What makes our process work better is that we customize courses to match the needs of your establishment. Did you know that without the proper training, nearly one-third of all prospective GMs fail? Your GMs have a huge impact on your profitability, and providing them with the proper training is critical. The coursework is designed to give your new hire the opportunity to develop the skills they need to become successful General Managers.



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