Food Beverage Managers With Real Skills

Having confidence in hiring and training, supply management, and creative marketing ideas are now crucial skills expected of mid-level managers. We have systems targeted at developing managers into "people builders." Our systems prepare mid managers with the skills to maintain and grow successful food beverage businesses.

Making managers passionate about your brand

We've spent more than 80 years gaining practical knowledge in the food service industry. Our systems help build a culture where mid managers are empowered to make decisions knowing they have executive support. Cornbread Consulting has a team that brings real-world experience from a diverse range of clients. We share this knowledge with your mid managers throughout the training process.

Great tools don't matter if your team does not know how to use them

The engagement of employees is a vital aspect of a successful business and mid managers play an important role in maintaining and strengthening that engagement. Mid Managers need assistance and support from senior management to establish a company culture. Transparency, with regard to work expectations, results in team performance. As an example, mid managers who aren't involved in the day-to-day minutiae of the team’s activities tend to help build a culture where employees will feel trusted and confident about their place and role within the organization. Cornbread Consulting is a leading provider of these training systems.


Restaurant consulting tools are more valuable when managers know how to use them

Cornbread Consulting has decades of combined experience in working with small mom and pop to Fortune 500 restaurants with the exact same issues you face as a manager. We offer foodservice managers the tools necessary for success. We teach the fundamentals and practical skills involved in planning, opening, and managing an operation. Through our systems you will understand what is required to make an operation successful and how to develop a complete approach to restaurant mangement. We will introduce industry techniques to keep you ahead of the curve regarding food systems, labor management, equipment, technology, revenue management, and market trends.Whether it be a less than stellar service staff, inconsistent operational procedures, or a host of inter-team issues; our staff is more than capable of assisting with finding a solution that has a lasting affect.


Restaurant Operational Analysis
Whether you own one restaurant or 100 there is no eluding the fact that running a good operation is paramount to the success of your restaurant company. Our approach teaches foodservice managers how to work through the major areas that form your restaurant's controllable profit. Your team will start with the bottom line and progress backward through financial data to discover what went right and what went wrong. Seemingly unrelated data quickly turns into puzzle pieces that display the big picture.
Contract Employment
Employee contracts have a lot to offer to both restaurant owners and their managers. There are pros and cons to using them in the workplace, but whether or not you do depends on several factors. Cornbread Consulting's training system teaches your team how to clarify roles and accountabilities and attract ideal candidates with incentives. We also help you identify the disadvantages and create plans to offset the downside.
Failing Action Planning
Unfortunately, many restaurants are in decline. Increased food and labor cost with downward pressures on prices can be a difficult combination to overcome. The myth is that restaurants have to fail in silence. Cornbread Consultants meticulously prepares an action plan based on a sober review of your restaurant's history.
4 Week MIT Training

Week 1 - New manager in training 100% completes all company paperwork. During this week it is mostly classroom learning, where we discuss company culture, policies, kitchen and beverage menu items. At the end of the week a test is given to see how much the Manager-in-Training retained.

Week 2 - The Manager-in-Training will spend the entire week working in the kitchen. They will learn every position from cooking, prepping, sanitation, and maintenance. They will learn how to properly write schedules, inventory and demonstrate labor control. The Manager-in-Training will be tested at the end of the week to see how much they retained.

Week 3 - The Manager-in-Training will spend the entire week working in the dining room. They will learn every position from host, server, bartender, and server assistant. They will learn how to properly write schedules, inventory and demonstrate labor control. They will also focus heavily on guest recovery in this week. The Manager-in-Training will be tested at the end of the week to see how much they retained.

Week 4 - In the last week we tie everything together and focus on interviewing, hiring, and retaining the right people. By building a great team, the middle manager has more time to focus on driving repeat business and increasing revenue. Also in this week we tranisition the Manager-in-Training to their new home and continue to follow up with the manager and the owner for 60 days after training is over.



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