Take Your Operations To The Next Level With The Optimization Secrets Of Multi-Million Dollar Restaurants.

Mcdonalds, the king of fast-food chains and franchises, with over 38,000 branches worldwide, and a burger joint on every corner of American neighborhoods, started out as a drive-in restaurant.

While there were tons of fast food and burger chains back then, the main secret that gave them their massive success is the exact reason why they’re successful today. You can drive into their parking lot, ask for a number 2, and have it in your hands in less than 30 seconds.


Once You Eliminate All Dead Weight, You Unlock Maximum Efficiency.

The key is optimization. When you design your entire operating structure around being smooth, fast, accurate, and flawless, more and more customers will keep walking through the door, increasing your success and reputation and skyrocketing your growth!

On the other hand, if you stay sluggish, taking 10 minutes to track orders, 2 days to restock ingredients, and pay your workers 10 days later each month, piece by piece, your restaurant is going to start to crumble.

That’s Where We Step In To Help!

Our mission is to help restaurant owners eliminate the clutter in their day-to-day operations and create a smoother, more organized environment that boosts their restaurant’s growth.

We diagnose your current operation flow from a bird’s eye view, pinpoint the bottlenecks and reasons for delays and mistakes, and provide you with an actionable plan to optimize your operations for maximum productivity.

Contact us today, and explore how your restaurant can please more customers, save costs, and deliver more delicious foods!

It depends on the restaurant, but when we take a client on, we normally save them between 7% and 15% of sales (that’s between $70,000 and $150,000 for a restaurant with $1 million in sales). We do not take on any client unless we are extremely confident that we can make them more money (which is why we have a 95% success rate). If we think that you are a potential client, we will do an initial consult which allows us to specifically see the areas of opportunity and know how our services can help you and to what degree.
No job is too big or small. We offer a wide variety of services to cater to every aspect of your business. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation we are here to help make it the best it can be.
We do not find equity financing, although, we do help to arrange bank financing and some other options for suitable restaurants – we work frequently on structuring restaurant companies, making financing a good option. Because of our expertise and experience in openings and operations, our involvement in a restaurant venture gives lenders an increased comfort level.
We will manage a restaurant operation under the right circumstances. If an owner, or a group of owners would like to remove themselves from the operation, or are in need of someone to oversee the operation, we can provide this service. More often than not, the increased profits that we generate with our involvement in a management capacity will offset the fees that we charge.
It costs you nothing. It is absolutely FREE.
No. Per our Confidentiality Agreement, we do not share any of our client lists, venture deals, names or contact information with anybody, unless a company gives us use of their logo to post.
No, our services cover the full spectrum of the hospitality industry. The majority of our clients are restaurants, but our overall client profile ranges from nightclubs to fine dining restaurants to catering and more.
If you are interested in chatting with us, feel free to contact us to schedule a FREE no obligation consultation and getting to know each other discussion. Only if we both decide we want to work together and are a good fit, we will craft a simple agreement with a detailed estimate in writing that spells out the terms, conditions, and particulars of this project so both parties know exactly what to expect.
Every project is unique although we do have a list of the most prevalent jobs we are requested for. Each client has specific timelines and requirements, in some cases pricing can be discussed in the initial phone conversation. In more detailed projects, pricing will be reviewed following an assessment of the project venture. We pride ourselves on not only delivering a great product to our clients, but also in saving them a substantial amount of money while we work with them.
Yes, this is one of our specialties. Our team has combined opening experience of over 100+ restaurants from the ground, up. There are so many different components to a restaurant opening – POS, marketing, concept branding, menu engineering, licenses and permits, staff training, etc., etc. – an opening is the one chance you have to do it right and having our team help you every step of the way makes sure that you do it right. Our experience also brings you immediate direct savings to your project. Our relationships and networking with suppliers and vendors makes us pay for ourselves.
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