The Team member

High employee turnover does not have to exist in the food beverage industry. We are restaurant consultants that help you build a well-trained and excited team ready to help you fulfill your brand's promise. We are an industry-changing provider of human capital solutions, with 80 years of combined experience in high quality workforce services.

Cornbread Consultants provides customized productivity assessments to gauge labor and find vulnerabilities in the overal operations of the restaurant. Our assessment is uniquely tailored to increase productivity while reducing costs.

  • Elevate quality and image with better trained service staff
  • Enhance existing service training with hybrid programs
  • Customize assessment tools to help meet your goals and upgrade manuals
  • Manage key goals with service staff training and skills validation in the classroom
  • Reduce time and cost (resources)
  • Elevate branding to differentiat and increase exposure
  • Train to maintain standards that exceed guest expectations
  • Cross train service staff for schedule flexibility
  • Add continuing education and consulting programs
  • Increase staff retention, minimizing normal attrition

Accelerate Your Success With Well-Trained Staff

Training should be a major component of every employee retention program. Cornbread Consulting's food service training systems lead to changed beliefs and changed behaviors that will help drive your product and service consistency goals, and ultimately your growth objectives.

Restaurant Onboarding

We roadmap certifications for the many positions within your restaurant to take new hires from enthusiastic to confident. We have been crafting strategies to quickly integrate well-qualified team members across nearly every facet in the food beverage industry. When you streamline your onboarding process, you set the tone for the new hire's work experience with your organization. The more positive that initial experience, the more welcome and prepared the individual will feel in their new position. This will, in turn, give them the confidence and resources to quickly begin making a positive impact within your organization.


Cornbread Consulting is the southeast most sought after provider of ServSafe training and certification. We create Food Safety Manager training that will give you the proper food safety training to help you prepare for the Nationally Accredited Certification Exam ServSafe.

Restaurant Culture Development

Brand culture is vitally important to a restaurant business. Cornbread Consulting believes that extraordinary brand and business results produced by leaders who deliberately develop and consistently reinforce their organization’s culture. The distinctive way a company behaves and the values it espouses is the foundation upon which the company builds its strategy and operations that turn its brand promise into reality. And when a company has a special way of doing business, it attracts attention and draws customers in.

Having a skilled workforce that complies with regulations is only the beginning. A happy group of team members comes from a solid company culture that incentivizes performance beyond hourly pay. Cornbread Consulting has the know-how and experience to train your team beyond just classroom topics. Our systems cover dining etiquette and social techiques to engage any variant of customer as well as tips and skills that will build stronger bonds amongst team members.



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